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Space for silence - stays in seclusion

The Kolin Monastery provides retreats for those who feel the need for peace and distance from the disturbing overload of everyday life. Only at this distance we have a chance to hear the quiet inner voice. 

The stay in the monastery takes place  in silence and is intended mainly for seclusion.  You can devote yourself, creative inspiration, prayer, contemplation. The designated areas of the monastery, the Garden of Eden, the garden and the chapel are available to the participants for individual prayer. The monastery is located in the city center near the main historical square and the church of St. Bartholomew. More in oursgallery.


Accommodation is possible in four separate rooms, two singles and two doubleswith its own bathroom and shared fully equipped kitchen. The minimum stay is 2 nights, the maximum stay is one month. Boarding takes place in the form of half-board, i.e. breakfast and dinner (provision of food), or is completely independently directed by the participants.  With half board, participants also provide their own lunch. They can request a lunch that is served in the monastery (if there is a course or exercise) or cook their own lunch or order from a local restaurant or cafeteria. It is not possible to cook in the room, but the common kitchen allows you to heat or cook simple meals.


If you have already completed a course in the Kolin monastery or know the specific operation of exercise houses, you will be in a home environment. For those who want to come to the monastery environment for the first time, some additional information. Stay in our monastery is not a stay for entertainment so during the stay it is not possible to invite visitors to the monastery or consume alcohol. However, silence does not mean complete silence, closed monastery and strict asceticism, but above all restraint.

Login form: Space for silence

You can only apply personally, it is not possible to apply someone else (e.g. with a gift). Payment is subject to generalconditions for registration.


Single room  

   - prices for stay without half board


weekend (2 nights)     1160,-

3 noci                               1500,-

5 nocí                               2300,-

7 nocí                               2940,-

14 nocí                             4690,-

30 nocí                            7490,-

Double room  

   - prices for stay without half board

weekend (2 nights)   1760,-

3 noci                             2250,-

5 nocí                             3450,-

7 nocí                             4410,-

14 nocí                           7035,-

30 nocí                        11235,-

Half board price:     80,-/day

Cena za oběd:           120 ,-/day

All listed prices are in CZK.

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