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The former Capuchin monastery, which in recent years became a center of spirituality and spiritual exercises, was previously operated by the order Jesuits together with Academic Parish Prague and religious sisters from Prague Carmella Edith Stein. Now the newly established entity Kolínský klášter - center of spirituality and spiritual exercises, which was founded by Czech Christian Academy.Its goal is to continue the work started and further develop it. There is no permanent community of monks living in the monastery, instead we create an environment for spiritual practice.


Spiritual exercises, or exercises, take place here in the form of several dozen courses a year lasting from two to eight days. We try to be available to both complete beginners and advanced users. Therefore, in the program of the monastery you will find courses of introduction to meditation and prayer, Ignatian exercises, contemplative exercises, film exercises, exercises using the enneagram and others. As far as the program of specific courses allows, we try to offer space for individual accompaniment in personal conversations.


Our principle is to accompany people on their personal spiritual journey towards greater depth, sincerity and tolerance. Our identity is Christian, but the courses are open to all sincere seekers regardless of their faith.

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