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What courses do we offer?

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Ignatian Exercises - Organizing Your Life

Intensive Ignatian exercises aimed at discerning one's own place in the world. The prerequisite is knowledge of the basic principles of the exercises (i.e. it should not be the first exercises in life), the number of participants is limited, the motivation for participating in the course must be mentioned when registering. Individual accompaniment is also an integral part.


Ignatian weekend

Weekend spiritual renewal based on meditation on biblical texts. Individual accompaniment. Also suitable for participants without previous experience with exercises.


Introduction to meditation

A short weekend spiritual retreat offers an opportunity to retreat for those who wish to spend a weekend in silence and meditation. The course is intended primarily for the newly baptized and confirmed. It serves as an introduction to inner prayer and as a taster of various Christian meditation techniques.


Contemplative exercises

Contemplative exercises try to bring a person to inner silence and the ability to listen to God's voice in its immediacy (that is, not through the texts of Scripture). Emphasis is therefore placed on maintaining strict silence throughout and generously surrendering the exercise time to God. We recommend not taking any books to read. Considering that mobile phones should remain switched off at all times, it is a good idea to inform your loved ones, customers, clients, etc. of this fact. Other conditions for participation are completion of the entire course (it is not possible to attend only a certain part) and the absence of mental illness.


A contemplative weekend

It is a practical course of joint and individual meditations in silence. This course is suitable both for beginners, i.e. for those who have not yet participated in exercises or have no experience with meditation in silence, and for more experienced people who need time and space to put previously acquired theoretical or practical knowledge into their prayer practice.


Film exercises

Ignatian exercise, where the main impetus for meditation are movies. A suitable film will support or even directly strengthen the basic dynamics of the exercise. Sometimes it happens that we come across scenes from our own lives on the screen, which we have long since forgotten. At other times, the film becomes a direct key to as yet unexplored chambers of our own interior. Images can dig deep into the soul, they can sometimes be far more effective than words. The image can also have a purifying effect. All of this suggests that the film can be a very suitable means to achieve the goal of the exercises, i.e. help in rebirth to a new, fuller life.


Introduction to Sadhana Meditation

Sadhana combines the tradition of Christian spirituality with Eastern meditation, paying special attention to the inner stillness, alertness and receptivity that can be achieved in the process of awareness. Meditations are held together in several blocks during the day.


Weekend in silence

It is a meditation course for those who do not identify with any religious institution, but are still interested in a spiritual experience under the guidance of an experienced lecturer.


Between soul and Spirit

Exercises with elements of personality self-knowledge with the aim of using the information obtained to work on yourself and to find suitable stimuli for further self-improvement. New psychodiagnostic methods (e.g. enneagram) will be used for self-discovery, and in interactive group and individual work on the results, participants will verify how they can further work with the knowledge gained. Emphasis will also be placed on mutual feedback between participants


Registration for individual courses.

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